About Me and the Blog

KakaoTalk_20160103_213057558My name is Siobhan Peterson. I am more commonly known as “Shabu”.

I am currently an Account Manager, also known as the Center of the Wheel, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. However, I spent a year teaching English at a Kindergarten in Seoul, South Korea, and I started my adventures in Korea as an exchange student at Dongguk University from 2013-2014.

 In those two years I spent countless hours and money trying to navigate my way through Korean life. I picked up many tips and tricks to help other foreigners living in Korea.  I will be marrying my Korean finance in Winter 2017, so I still have a constant interest in Korean life. Even though I left Korea, I will continue to be here to support my fellow expats as much as I can!

Please contact me if you have any questions! I will try to respond as soon as possible. 



2 thoughts on “About Me and the Blog

  1. Hi Miss Shabu, my name is Lala from indonesia. may I ask about dongguk university? i know u were not there anymore, but this feb, i’ll apply KGSP to dongguk university. I really need some advise, especially about the statement purpose, it is the first time for me to write it. would u mind to help me??

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