Step 1: Finding The Job


There are several ways to get started in the job hunting process. The most common method is to use one of the three government programs (EPIK, GEPIK, and SMOE).

However, I choose a different path. I used a recruiting agency, and I loved the experience.
I have lived in Korea before, therefore I knew that I wanted to live in Seoul. With the government programs you can request placement in Seoul, but it is not guaranteed and jobs in Seoul are VERY competitive. Considering that I had no experience, I thought my chances of getting a government job in Seoul were slim.

10168051_850238214991664_378787908_nI used the agency, JobHunt Korea (JobHunt Korea). I stumbled upon their website and e-mailed my resume with no expectations. Just a few days later I was contacted by them requesting to set up a Skype interview. During the interview he asked about my experiences tutoring English, experiences living in Korea, and asked where I wanted to work. He told me to make a video about 3 minutes long about myself, my experiences, and just general information about myself to send to potential employers. He provided an example video for me to reference.

After I finished my video, he instructed me to look on their Facebook page (JobHunt Korea Facebook) at a list of job positions currently open and their information. I was able to see location, salary, benefits, and more (see the example below). I chose the jobs that seemed right for me, and he sent off my resume and video to those schools.

Job Positions Example:


– Location: Youngtong, Gyunggido (Suwon)
– Starting Date: ASAP
– Number of positions: 1
– Type of school: Private Kindergarden
– Teaching level: Kindy to elementary
– Working hours: 9:00am to 6:00 pm
– Salary: Starting from 2.1 mil. + (depend on qualification and teaching experience)
– Free housing provided
– ne way airfare ticket provided
– Medical insurance (50%), National Pension (50%)
– Severance pay after complete 1 yr. contract
– Paid vacation (10 days per year)

Within a week I had been offered two interviews. The recruiter arranged a Skype interview with the head teacher, which I passed. Then the recruiter arranged a final interview with the school principal. I was offered the job during the final interview. The recruiter immediately sent me the contract and gave me a list of documents for my visa application.

JobHunt Korea was extremely professional, and quickly responded to my questions via e-mail. There walked me through every step of the process and even messaged me the day before I left for Korea. I arranged to have a friend pick me up at the airport, and he even personally called my friend to explain where my work is and how I can get there. I was extremely pleased and he helped the complicated process seem easier.


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