Namiseom Island


If you’re looking for a beautiful getaway just a short distance from Seoul, then Namiseom is the place.

It is named after a famous general from the Joseon Dynasty. Namiseom became famous after being featured in the 2002 drama Winter Sonata. The island is full of beautiful scenery, particularly paths of straight, long trees.

DSC00137Visitors arrive at Nami Island Immigration where they purchase an Entry Visa.

This visa includes the ticket price and the ferry ride onto the island. The standard price for the visa is 10,000 won (~$10USD). However, foreigners get a special discount price of 8,000won (~$8USD). The ferry leaves about every 10-20 minutes from 9am-6pm, then leaves about every 30 minutes from 6pm-11:45pm (close)


Visitors also have the option to zip-line onto the island. It costs 38,000won (~$38USD). I didn’t get a chance to ride it, but I heard it is very fun and provides great views of the island and surrounding area. You can visit (Namiseom Zip Wire) for more information.



How to get to Namiseom: 

The easiest way and cheapest way to start at Sangbong Station (상봉역). Then take the Gyeongchun Line (경춘선) to Gapyeong Station (가평역). It takes about an hour and a half and only costs 2,200 won (~$2USD). When you arrive a Gapyeong Station, you will see a taxi stand. It’s just a short ride and it usually only costs the basic fare (3,000-4,000won/ ~$3/4USD). You can simply say to the taxi drive  “Namiseom (남이섬) ” or “남이섬입구로 가 주세요 (Namiseim ip-guro ga jusaeyo).” It’s a popular destination in this area.



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