Need to use your cellphone in Japan?

This month I traveled to Japan for 6 days to visit some friends. Naturally, like everyone else, I was concerned with using my cellphone in Japan. In Korea I was able to buy a pay as you go sim card for $10. So I excepted I could find something similar in Japan. Well I was wrong….

When I went online I found that getting a sim card was a lot more expensive. Since I was only going for 6 days I found it ridiculous to pay $50+ for a sim card. Some sim cards didn’t even have calling! Only data! $50+ for a data-only sim card was absurd. (In Korea I pay maybe $20-30 a month depending on how much data I use) I even found that Japan does not allow sim cards with calling (meaning the sim card comes with a phone number) to be given to short term visitors.

The best option I found was renting a wi-fi I found a GREAT website and I would recommend anyone to use it. (You can also rent sim cards but if you are going for a short trip I believe a wi-fi hot spot is better)

I used eConnect Japan (  

I rented a wifi hotspot for about $35 for 6 days. It came with unlimited data, and I was even given a free upgrade. If you reserve early enough you can get a discount. I was given a 25% discount!! 

The best part is that you pay online (through paypal or credit card) and they deliver the hotspot anywhere you want the day before you arrive in Japan. I chose to have it delivered to Narita Airport. I arrived, and went to the the post office in Terminal 1 on the 4th floor. All you have to do is show your passport so make sure your information matches the passport!

The package comes with the hotspot, charger, extra battery, a case, and even an envelope already paid to send the wifi hotspot back!! I was even given a free upgrade to a model with faster speeds! 


At the end of your trip you can slip it all into the envelop and put it into any mail box. (I gave it to the post office in the departures terminal) 



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