Looking for a cheap airline between S.Korea and Japan?

As a student with little money and relying on the immense generosity from my parents, I was looking for a budget airline to use so I can visit friends in Japan. I luckily stumbled upon Jeju Air. 


Jeju Air was the cheapest airline I could find with daily flights between Incheon International Airport and Narita International Airport.  I booked a round trip flight only two weeks before travelling for about $270. I found competitors to be around $300-$500.  

When booking your travel days I would suggest playing around with different days. The price varies by day to the point where I saw about a $30-50 difference on different days. And of course the earlier you book the cheaper it is. I booked about two weeks early, and it was still only $270! You can get a great deal if you book earlier! ]

The website is also available in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. This makes it easy for just about anyone to book a flight.

Jeju Air flies out of Seoul twice a day every day. You have the choice between an early morning flight or early afternoon flight.  A huge convenience is that you fly out of Incheon and land in Narita! You don’t have to travel to smaller airports far outside Seoul or Tokyo.

Of course Jeju Air is a budget airline, so there is no difference in classes on the plane, everything is coach. You are only given water for free, and if you want anything else you must purchase it. But it is only a 2 hour flight between Seoul and Tokyo, so it’s not a deal breaker.

I would suggest this for anyone looking for a cheap, reliable airline to travel with. Jeju Air also offers cheap flights to many other places in Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, etc… 


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