Boy Who Cried Wolf Cafe


As a huge fan of Exo (a hugely popular k-pop group) I had to go see the Boy Who Cried Wolf Cafe.

It is a pop-up cafe from Exo in Sinsa-dong and Garosu-gil. (for directions see the end of the post!) 

It is  Exo-themed and has autographs and messages from Exo all over the cafe.

20140115_120720 (tao’s left hand ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

20140115_120837 20140115_120651 20140115_12063720140115_120919 20140115_120928 20140115_121030 20140115_121112 20140115_121157

There are 4 levels to the cafe.


When you walk in you are on the 2nd level which immediately has an area to buy shirts, and hats (beanies and snapbacks) inspired by Exo. (and trust me they are quite expensive! ㅠㅠ $45 or 45ooo won for a snapback) 20140115_121231

There is also an area to eat and drink with a menu once again inspired by Exo.  You can sit a tables, which have all been signed by the members.


You can go to different levels of the cafe to see where Exo has left their mark. On the top floor is the dormitory, which is where they filmed Exo showtime when Chanyeol opened his birthday presents. It is arranged a little differently than when they recorded Exo Showtime.

20140115_120903 20140115_120906

On the first floor, below the cafe, is a separate area where you can buy more Exo goodies. (it’s a little cheaper, but not much) You can buy albums, necklaces, sweatshirts, shirts, pencils, etc…

20140115_121534 20140115_121347 20140115_121425 20140115_121431 20140115_121442

It was really cool to go here and see all of the cool things. Luckily I went on a day when there was only a few people in there. But it’s only going to be open for a few more weeks. I heard it will be open until February. It was totally worth going there, especially if you are a big Exo fan! 🙂

As an added bonus: I was given two free Boy Who Cried Wolf pins just for going into the cafe!! 


Do you need to know how to get there?! Here are the directions!

Go to Sinsa Station on Line 3 and take exit 8.

Walk straight for a few minutes, when you walk past T-World there will be a  large street on the left. (If you walked past IBK bank you went too far)

Walk down that road until you see Olive Young. (it’s not far off the main street)  Take a left down the road that is in front of Olive Young.

At the first road on the right, walk down there just a few hundred feet.

Look to your left, and you should see the cafe. It’s really easy to walk past. There will be a restaurant on the corner, and BWCW is next to the restaurant.


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