My first MT

In Korea a popular activity especially in universities is the MT. MT stands for membership training. For Americans we could we would consider this as a retreat for team building or that kind of thing.


I went with my Korean language club, Haram. I was really excited to go, and when I told my Korean friends that I was going they told me something really interesting. It’s basically a drinking trip. I was so surprised and, to be honest, I didn’t really believe them. But boy-oh-boy was I wrong. There was A LOT of alcohol. It was awesome!

But that wasn’t the only thing. We went to a city called Daesungri, which I have been told is a famous city for MT’s. It was about an hour and a half away from our school. When we arrived we all went into a large apartment. We had a large living room, three smaller rooms for sleeping, and a kitchen. We also had two smaller rooms, which were just rooms with a small stove and bathroom attached.

As soon as we arrived we started to play games. We played a korean style charades games. Then we played a korean style musical chairs games.


After that we had dinner, which consisted of Samgyupsal (pork belly), rice, and Soju (korean alcohol). Some people were already drunk by the end of dinner.


After dinner, we went upstairs and continued with more games. We played a post-it note game where you had to dance off the post-it notes stuck on you. (I WON!!!YEAH!)



Then 4 people (including myself) danced to k-pop songs. Then we played a quiz game.

1385284727173 (This is me with my prize for dancing)

After we played some games, each class of Haram (there are 4 classes) made food. So once the food was prepared, the real drinking began. We drank all night. People who wanted to sleep could sleep, but anyone who wanted to stay awake did. Some people stayed awake all night, and made the most of the night. I stayed awake until 5am, then I eventually fell asleep on the floor. Luckily I was smart enough to claim a pillow and blanket before they were all gone 🙂 Of course, since it’s Korea, we all slept on the floor. Some lucky people had a pillow or blanket, but some people only had their jackets and backpacks for warmth and comfort. But it was still enjoyable 🙂

I found the MT to be amazing. It was so fun, and everyone was so exciting. I became very familiar and close with people VERY quickly. My favorite thing was that there was very little awkwardness. When we all first met before we left for Daesungri everyone was sticking with people they already knew, but by time dinner came around many people had made new friends and everyone was intermingling. Many people told me drinking alcohol is the quickest way to become friends in Korea, and I really believe it is true. I felt so comfortable with everyone, and this week at our Korean club meeting I felt more comfortable with everyone!

It was hands down my favorite memory in Korea.


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