Namsan Tower (N-Seoul Tower)


12374794_10156369026675252_4035052593605654624_oOne of my favorite places in Seoul is the N-Seoul Tower, or more commonly known as Namsan Tower. I love this tower. Not only does it provide beautiful views of Seoul, you can see it all over Seoul. It was a great tool to help me find my way home when I was lost. Namsan Tower is on top of Namsan Mountain in central Seoul.  You can either walk up to the tower, take a bus, or even ride a cable car.

These are some of the must-see highlights of Namsan Tower. (Note: Some of these activities are only offered during certain hours or seasons)

Locks of Love

Arguably the most popular attraction would be the locks placed all over Namsan Tower. You can buy padlocks or keychains in the gift shop, write a heartfelt message to your loved one ,and leave in on the railing to forever preserve your love. I’ve done this with several friends, and my fiancé. There are some areas where they ask you to not place any locks, however most of the railings are free game. It’s a precious memory to create with a loved one.


Observation Deck:

Something EVERY visitor must do is go to the observation deck at the top of the tower. When I went with my friend, it was only 20,000 won (~$20). There are special couple prices, and bundle prices based on which activities you are doing at and around Namsan Tower. The observation deck provides the most beautiful 360 views of Seoul. It’s just amazing to see this city in front of you. This is why it’s my favorite place in Seoul. Where else could you get a view like this?



Traditional Performances and Costumes

I have been several times when there were traditional Korean performances going on. A woman performed a traditional Korean dance, a group placed traditional Korean drums, and there was a martial arts and weapons demonstration. After the performance, you could take pictures with the performers. It’s a great way to see traditional Korean performances for free.


Several days of the week, Namsan Tower will set up a tent to allow foreigners to try to hanbok (Traditional Korean costumes). I have done this several times, and each time I was able to try on a new and beautiful hanbok. Even when I was *ahem* larger….there had a hanbok for me. So if you are on the larger side, don’t worry. That’s a wonderful trait of hanbok. The best part…it’s free!







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