Funny English

Since I am American, naturally, many Korean students want to speak English with me. Who could blame them? It’s a great way for them to practice their English skills. Luckily for me, I get some good laughs out of it when they speak English.

For my year here, I will keep a running list of the funny things that have been said to me, my friends, or funny things that I see.

(Don’t worry my Korean skills are much worse than their English, so they get to laugh at me too!


1.) Student: “Hey Shabu, I know what ‘WTF’ means? It means ‘Welcome to Facebook'” (this was said completely serious)

2.) Random boy on the street: “If you ever want pizza and cheese, then call me. I will seduce you.”

3.) Me: “Why didn’t you come to the meeting last week?”

Student: “I was arranging a mating party”

4.) Student: “Shabu…my feet fingers are hurting…”

Me: “Your what?”

Student: “My foot fingers…”

Me: “Do you mean your toes?!”


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