Photo Sticker Shops

Something that every girl should try while they are in Seoul is the photo sticker booth! They are a fun thing to do with your friends ! These are not like photo booths in the United States. These ones you can edit right after taking the picture! Depending on the machine, you can edit your face (making your eyes larger or smaller, make your lips look fuller, cover any blemishes, etc.) You can also add stamps, and write on them! They also make your skin look nice and clear and bring out your nice features!

20131004_125252 20131004_125258 20131004_125254

There are entire shops that have these photo sticker booths. In each store the type of booth varies. I went to one shop where the booths were between 6000won and 9000won ($6-9), and after you print your picture you can scan it and e-mail to yourself. Another shop I went to was about 8000won to 10000 won ($8-10) and you enter your phone number and they will text you an electronic copy of your photos. You may think this is expensive, but you usually get two sheets of pictures to divide between you and your friends!

Here are some pictures I took with my friends

20131004_1255181379244_10153312534030252_27583495_n 1378884_10153337917385252_942518617_n


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