Dongguk University (My school)


Dongguk Univesity.pngI went to school at Dongguk University in Seoul. It is just north of Namsan Tower. The school is up on a mountain so there a beautiful views of Namsam, Seoul, and the mountains nearby.

The campus is really beautiful! My favorite area is on campus is 발정도 or Pal jeong do. It’s the center of campus. There you can see the 3 elephant statues, the statue of Buddha, behind the library you can see Namsan Tower, and you can even see the mountains off in the distance. It’s a beautiful place to see. My favorite thing is that you can see Namsan Tower on campus.  It’s my favorite site in Seoul, so the fact that I can see it everyday on campus is amazing. Dongguk is a private school and is affiliated with Buddhism. The campus contains temples, statues, and symbols related to Buddhism.


You can go to the top of the library and there is a rooftop area where you exercise, sit and study or eat, and see beautiful views of Seoul!


I was seriously in love with this campus. There are a lot of hills and stairs, but the breathtaking views and campus landscape more than make up for the little bit of exercise you have to endure everyday!


6 thoughts on “Dongguk University (My school)

  1. Hi there!

    To find a dongguk foreign student blogger is really fortunate I must say! I’ve been planning to study there for my undergraduate course in International Trade and seems like we are on the same page? (I hope haha)
    The campus is absolutely breathtaking it’s what got to me when I first googled the university. But recent instances I’ve been coming across about foreign seclusion is quite bothersome? I’m aware that foreign life in korea is not all rainbows and unicorns; there is some degree of foreign phobia but I thought the korean youth would be chilled with all of that..

    It’d be great if you could share your experiences with us! I’m desperate for some insight into dongguk social life;;

    1. Hey! Dongguk life, I think is pretty good. There are many foreign students here so the Korean students are very accustomed to foreigners. While many people are kind, and friendly to foreigners, some people are still hesitant. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it phobia, I would say most of those people are just shy. Most Korean students our age are very welcoming to foreigners, especially if you show interest in their culture. Some foreign students come here and have no understanding or respect for Korean culture, so maybe those students have experienced more foreign phobia. But for me, I was received almost nothing but kindness from most students. There are some instances where I feel isolated, especially in classes. I take higher level Business classes, so there aren’t many foreign students, maybe not any, in some of my classes. My classes are taught in English, but the professor decided to teach in Korean or I’ve even heard of some professors asking foreign students to leave the class so they can teach in Korean. Then there are always team projects in the Business school. Some professors let you choose your own groups, so when that happens, naturally the Koreans want to team together so they can speak Korean not English. So it can feel awkward when choosing team projects. But my advice would to be very upbeat, and outgoing. Many Koreans love having foreign friends, they might just be to shy to speak English. I spend all of my time with Korean students, and very little time with other foreign students. That would be my biggest advice. Dongguk also has some great clubs that foreigners can join. Almost every club has at least one student who can speak English. Haram is also one of the most popular. It is a club every Saturday that teaches foreigners Korean language. Korean students are the teachers. So that is where I got most of my friends! 🙂
      If you have any other questions, not only about Dongguk life, but life in Korea overall, please feel free to ask! 🙂

  2. Hi. Good afternoon. I am Jean. I have been trying to apply for this Fall 2016 Semester at Dongguk University but I am having a hard time with the online application. Though I am familiar with the korean language, I cannot continue with the online application because it requires me to input my address in Korea but I do not have one yet because I will just live in the dorm by the time I get accepted, I am now living outside Korea. I am trying to find in the internet any tutorial on how International students would apply online & with the requirements & I happen to stumble upon your blog. May I ask if you still remember how your application (specifically online application) go/went about. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  3. Hi there!
    I’ve been looking for Dongguk-related blogs for awhile so I’m happy to find yours. I’m also applying to Dongguk this year (for Master’s degree) and I have some questions about the university itself and also how to get accepted. Is is possible for me to talk to you through email so that we can talk more freely?
    Thank you in advance, I hope I’m not bothering you!

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