Skincare Freebies

A great way to get skin care freebies is to go to Myeong Dong! I got all of these for FREE! 


In Myeong Dong there are tons of makeup and skin care stores. There are usually lined up like this…


Outside most of these stores are women yelling out in Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean inviting you inside. All you have to do is walk in the door to get these freebies! As you walk in the door they will hand you these freebies and a basket (for your shopping)! Myeong Dong is the best place to get freebies because all of these stores are lined up near or next to each other.

But don’t feel pressured to buy! Just look around for a minute then leave. I like to get the freebies, because it’s a really good way to try the product! You can always come back later if you like it!

Stores like Etude House are big chains, so you don’t have to buy the product in Myeong Dong! You can buy later on your trip. Usually a lot of these stores are even in the subway station!

If you buy a product you also get freebies! I bought a 3000 won (About $3) face cream, and I was given a free face mask and a sample lip tint.  It’s a really good deal.


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