Korean Traditional Dress

If you come to Korea something you HAVE to do is wear a traditional Korean dress. It is called the 한복 or Hanbok.

Lucky for you there is somewhere where you can try it on for free! You can go to the Seoul Cultural Exchanges & Tourism Information Center! (http://seoultourism.kr/2013/eng/)  It is located in the M Plaza in Myeong-Dong! 

seoul global

If you want to wear the Hanbok you have to go early in the morning and reserve a time. It’s on a first come first serve basis! You CANNOT make appointments before either. I went at 11:30am, and the earliest appointment was 3:00pm.

They give a few choices of Hanbok, they will help you put it on, then you are given 10 minutes to take pictures. You are even given some prop to take pictures with.

It’s a great experience. They will tell you a little information about the Hanbok you are wearing. My hanbok was for brides. (I’m the blond with the longer hair in the blue, white, and purple Hanbok)

Another great thing is that the employees ALL SPEAK ENGLISH! So you don’t have to worry about not understanding anything! They are very welcoming and are excited to share culture with foreigners!

It was a really great place to go! I would recommend that everyone goes here!



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